unzip -d destination_folder

rename folder

mv /home/user/oldname /home/user/newname

The following example would move a folder named documents, without changing its name, from the current directory to an existing subdirectory of the current directory named /backups:

mv documents /backups

tar -xvf file.tar.bz2

-x, --extract, --get

-f, --file=ARCHIVE

-v, --verbose

Create nested directories

mkdir -p x/y/z

-p flag creates parent directories

Reinstall wireless wifi driver

sudo apt remove rtl8812au-dkms  
git clone  
sudo dkms add ./rtl8812au  
sudo dkms build 8812au/4.2.2  
sudo dkms install 8812au/4.2.2  
sudo modprobe 8812au

Update s3 bucket

aws s3 sync .