Michael Taylor

647-535-1015 (cell)
E-mail: michaelntaylor@gmail.com
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Career Summary

  • Technical, Business, Management, Life

Adaptable Data Analyst skilled in recording, interpreting and analyzing data in a fast-paced environment. Advanced proficiency in all aspects of R and its IDE Rstudio. Experienced in preparing Rmarkdown documents and reports while managing complex internal and external data analysis responsibilities. Strong Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution Skills with the guiding principle of always to bring light to the obscured.


Data Science Using R

  • Tidyverse
  • Cleaning data
  • Writing functions
  • data manipulation with dplyr
  • SQL
  • Data visualization ggplot
  • Working with dates and times in R
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Correlation and Regression
  • Cluster analysis
  • Supervised learning
  • Data import/export
  • Reporting with R Markdown


  • Python
  • Python Data Science toolbox
  • Importing Data into Python
  • Cleaning Data in Python
  • Pandas Foundations
  • manipulating DataFrames with pandas
  • merging DataFrames with pandas
  • Intro to SQL for Data Science
  • Introduction to Databases in Python
  • Introduction to Data Visualization with python
  • Statistical Thinking in Python
  • Joining Data in SQL


  • Deploying Applications in a Cloud Environment
  • Linux
  • Cloud hosting services
  • cloud management tools
  • cloud services
  • code
  • configuration (ssh)
  • web applications

Professional Experience

Company Name Title Dates
Unit Clerk UHN July 20, 2014 – Present (Permanent part-time)
  • Five years experience in hospital administration
  • Knowledge of Medical admin concepts: Medical Terminology, medical transcription
  • Medical office procedures, OHIP Billing, Microsoft Word
  • Coordinating administrative functions
  • Perform patient administrative functions
  • Organizing and maintaining patient charts
  • Perform reception responsibilities and clerical support
  • Partnered with customers in finding solutions to their concerns & reframe their concerns into opportunities for continuous improvement of core services
  • Took packages & delivered them to the appropriate destinations
  • Identified & Found Solutions through cooperative problem solving

Company Name Title Dates
Truck Driver Kingsway (Aztrix), Oshawa Dec 2011- Dec 2013
Truck Driver Matrec Recycle Co., Boucherville Quebec Feb 2010 – Aug 2011
Truck Driver JC Fibre Recycle, Montreal, Quebec April 2008 – Jan 2009
Truck Driver Colsel, Montréal, QC April 2005 – Feb 2008
Shipping, Receiving & Mail Sorting Purolator Courier Toronto 1995 - 2005
Sales Associates Canadian Tire, Toronto Feb 93 - June 95


Cloud computing and its users. In pursuing this interest I got to know AWS and its S3 service, that is where I host my static site something I knew nothing about. Learnt a bit of html and css, golang templating, liquid templating, git and github, hosting on github, CNAME, SSH, APIs, virtual machines and docker. At first glance this looks like I have no interest in people but recently I have been keenly interested in evoloutionary psychology and Jungian archetypes. I know weird right but there it is.